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Counselling before consensual divorce.

Counselling of parents according to §95 (1a) AußStrG about the specific needs of their underage children resulting from divorce.

With § 95 (1a) AußStrG established by the law on parental custody and the names law amendment act of 2013 the parents have to, before a regulation of the divorce consequences before court: “seek advice about the specific needs resulting from divorce of their underage children from an appropriate person or institution.”

This means that all couples in Austria looking for a consensual divorce are legally bound to seek advice about the consequences resulting from divorce for their underage children and before court –  for instance by submitting a confirmation – to make this credible.

Thus the focus in guardianship proceedings is supposed to be oriented stronger on the needs of the child and the interests and the well-being of the child in custody- and right of contact conflicts are supposed to be brought more distinctly to the fore.

With the list of accredited consultants a comprehensive consulting service based on the foundation of quality standards plus recommendations is available in the whole of Austria for counselling according to §95 (1a)AußStrG.