You can take advantage of the family mediation service if you and your partner are unable to reach agreement about separation or divorce, the division of assets, and maintenance or access to your children.

Mediation is always conducted by two mediators, with one mediator having undergone psychosocial training (social worker, therapist, etc.) and the other with a legal background (lawyer, judge, etc.). In addition to having qualified in their specialist field, mediators also complete a course in the art of mediation.

One hour of mediation with a mediation team costs 220 euros, with a contribution being made by yourself. You are awarded an allowance by the ministry depending on the number of children qualifying for maintenance and your family income. You must provide the mediators with evidence in this regard by submitting wage statements/pay slips or documents of a similar nature. The amount of the contribution required from yourself is calculated by the mediators. You pay your contribution per hour of mediation, and the mediators claim the ministry’s allowance from the associations and the ministry. The current rates applicable here can be found in the scale of charges.

The ministry assists five associations which offer trained family mediators. Assistance is only available if you choose mediators who are included on the ministry’s list. The qualifications required by the mediators and other provisions for assisted family mediation are specified in the relevant guidelines („Richtlinien zur Förderung der Mediation“).

The following list of mediators contains the names and contact details of available family mediators.