If the signs of a relationship crisis can no longer be ignored, if parents are already thinking about separation or divorce, or if they are having problems regarding contact with their children or are faced with issues of custody or maintenance, it is time to swiftly ask for expert advice and assistance!

The family/divorce advice centres at the courts are the point of contact for parents going through separation or divorce and when in need of information and guidance when faced with problems afterwards.

Most of the district courts will offer marriage/relationship counselling, guidance on divorce and legal advice as soon as parents call on the drop-in info service, specifically including:

  • legal advice on separation, divorce, maintenance, custody and rights of access
  • psychological support
  • information about mediation and additional assistance on offer.

The teams of professional advisors/counsellors (consisting of a qualified lawyer and a trained marriage guidance and family counsellor) will not only deal with legal questions, but also take account of the individual psychological situation and social factors involved in each case.

A family/divorce advice centre will provide you with concrete answers to important questions such as:

  • What do I have to consider in the event of separation/divorce?
  • How can I find solutions to the challenges and problems facing me?
  • How do I – or we – as parents cope with possible changes in our day-to-day life? Who can support us here?
  • How can parents maintain the relationship with their children?


– The family/divorce advice service is anonymous. You do not need to reveal your identity and the advisors/counsellors are bound by client confidentiality.

– You can obtain advice on the days set aside for the drop-in info service. On this occasion you will have around 30 minutes of time to discuss your concern.

– The assisted family/divorce advice service is free of charge.


You can find the addresses, registration procedure and opening times of the advice centres on the following pages.